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This website is mainly a videogame online blog. It will publish video game news, culture, entertainment, reviews and videos. The goal is to set the content of this website apart from other game journalism outlets by focusing people making and playing the games rather than the game alone. There are two main purpose for this website. First, it is a great platform and community for gamers to share their game play records online, exchange experience and give out a more professional reviews to each games. Second, it will provide us with the latest video game news like “The top 10 best action games of 2017” or “The most recent changes to The Call of Duty”, which are long-form magazine-style feature articles.


The target audience for this website will be the teenagers and adult, between 14-35 years old, who are very serious towards gaming. These people share love of every different kinds of games and most of them are students. Usually, they have been play games for more than several years. And they love to share their gaming videos to other players and they love to read and learn every little changes to the game they play in order to improve their gaming performance.

Needs Assessment:

For myself, I have been playing video games for more than ten years and I am still an active game player. Therefore, I have a lot of gaming friends. They provide me with some good information about what should be on the website. Articles about the most recent game update and changes are the must. It is much better to have video to explain everything in details. Second, a video showcase of those pro gamers game play will be the most attractive content on this website.

Questions asked to the group:

What type of information would attract our target audience to visit our web site often?

What type of information should not be on the website?

What are the most important section should I focus the most on?

Five Reference Website


Based on the responses the gamers, I have chosen to include the following content areas:

Presentation of Information/Rationale of Organization:

The following details the content of the proposed pages:


I will create my personal logo by using photoshop and if possible I would love to make a motion graphic logo in Aftereffect for the logo design. Since this is a video game website, all images we using in the website are originally from the game or other artists. I will make an extra page and links for the citation and credits in a very professinal way. These will include a featured photo on the home page, photos of the varieties discussed in the review section and video game blog All images will be optimized for web use and credit will be given to the authors. I intend to include this statement below each image, "Photo courtesy of name." I'll include a footer statement such as "All images used in this site are original. Any further use of these images is prohibited."I will do the same thing to both videos and audios

Color scheme and rationale:

My goal for this website is to make it simple and clear.Therefore, I decide to use balck and yellow for the primary colors. Text will be black or yellow and the links will be blue.All the same color I use for different purposes will match.The backgroud will be black mainly.





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